Meet Our Year Round Office Staff


Alexandra Benjamin

Director of General Studies, Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim

Alexandra made aliyah fourteen years ago from London, England. She holds a Masters degree in Jewish Studies from University College, London. For nine years Alexandra worked as a senior educator and consultant at Melitz, Centers for Jewish Zionist Education, where she was the Director of Overseas Programming. In this capacity she lectured and taught extensively throughout the United States as well as in Europe. For several semesters she also taught and guided at the Machon L’Madrichei Chul program of the Jewish Agency. As a licensed tour guide she has worked with groups from all over the world on short trips and long-term programs. Alexandra has worked for Ramah as a mechanechet on Seminar, and for three years was an ICC mechanechet on TRY. Alexandra is a gabayit (board member) of her community Shira Hadasha. She lives in Jerusalem together with her beautiful baby son, Ivri.


Sarah Cytryn

Sarah Cytryn

Director of Recruitment and Sales
Sarah is deeply connected to the Ramah community. In addition to having been a participant on Ramah Seminar and TRY, a madricha and Rosh Kvutza on Seminar, she also grew up at Ramah Wisconsin as a camper and staff member.
Sarah has spent many years working closely with North American Jewish community leaders (both lay and professional) creating and selling travel experiences customized to each community’s unique makeup. Most recently, she was part of the team leading fundraising efforts at the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington as the Director of Strategic Fundraising Initiatives. And now, she has returned home to Ramah!   She lives in Jerusalem with her husband Gabi and two daughters.
Daniella Head Shot

Daniella Dolgin

Registrar and Recruitment Coordinator

Daniella was born and raised in Israel but moved to the United States when she was seven years old. Growing up in South Florida, Daniella was very much a part of the Jewish community and attended Camp Ramah Darom for six years. After high school, Daniella moved west to Los Angeles and received her B.S. in Business Administration and Management. In 2014, she decided she belonged in her first home, Israel. Daniella lives in Jerusalem and has worked in non-profit and publishing. Daniella joined our team in 2019 as the Registrar and Recruitment Coordinator. She’s thrilled to be back with the Ramah family and is excited for what her future holds here.


Nicole Dror

Administrative Coordinator & Family Liaison, Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim

Nicole grew up in London, England, and made aliyah in January 1994. Just three months later she was employed as Ramah’s administrative assistant. Nicole worked for Ramah until the year 2000 and held various positions including Trip Coordinator for RII (Ramah Israel Institute), as well as working for the Israel Desk in the Ramah New York office. In the winter of 2008, Nicole returned to the Ramah family! Nicole has a rich background in administration and logistics and has worked at the Prime Minister’s Office, the World Zionist Organization, and most recently at the Jerusalem Foundation as a writer for Culture Affairs. Nicole is married and lives with her husband and two children in Jerusalem.


Maya Freedman

Office Manager

Maya Freedman grew up in the Ramah family, first at her home in Jerusalem, and then as a chanicha at the Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp. Maya has fulfilled many positions at Ramah Israel, including being a madricha at Day Camp and for Tikva’s first trip to Israel with RII in 2002.  She was a part of the team of the first Ramah Israel Bike Ride in 2011 and Logistics Coordinator for Ramah Seminar in 2013. We are happy to have Maya with us as Ramah Israel’s Office Manager.


Oria Goldenberg Caspi

Asst. Director of Ramah Israel Seminar

Oria was born and raised in a proud Jerusalemite family. Oria holds an MA in Contemporary Judaism from The Schechter Institute in Jerusalem. She has worked as an educator since 2005 with various English-speaking programs and believes she currently has the best job in the world. Oria joined the staff of Seminar in 2015. She lives in Jerusalem (beside the historical home of King David) with her husband Matan and two adorable children.

aliza grabin

Aliza Grabin

Associate Director, Tichon Ramah Yerushalaim

Aliza holds an MSW from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University, and a BSW from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She grew up in Israel and served in the Education Corps of the IDF. After completing her military service, Aliza worked as part of the mishlachat to Ramah Wisconsin during the course of two summers. Since 2001 she has been an integral part of the Ramah Israel staff, having been involved with both TRY / USY High and Seminar. Aliza has also worked extensively with youth and communities around the world, under the auspices of the Jewish Agency for Israel.

meir hoyzman

Meir Hoyzman

Executive Director, Ramah Israel

Meir has extensive skills in organizational management and educational leadership, including 23 years of experience as a director in the fields of Jewish camping and Israel experiences for youth and young adults. Meir served as Director of The Israel Experience: Educational Tourism for English-Speaking Countries. He also spent many years as a director in the Young Judaea Zionist movement in different capacities, among them as the director of Camp Judaea in NC and Director of their national teen camp, Camp Tel Yehudah. Meir lives in Modiin, with his wife Jen and their 3 children.

elinor kaufman

Elinor Kaufman

RII Trip Coordinator

Elinor was born and raised in Montreal and moved to Israel in 2006.  She has a BSW from McGill University, and an MA in Non Profit Management from the Hebrew University.  Before coming to Ramah, Elinor was the Office Manager of PresenTense Israel, and also worked for a number of years as the Tourism and Development coordinator for World Emunah. Outside of the office, Elinor is an active member of the Jerusalem community theater world and lives in Jerusalem with her husband and son.


Rav Na’ama Levitz Applbaum

Incoming Director of Ramah Israel Seminar and Rosh Ramah Asiyah

A seventh-generation Jerusalemite, Rav Na’ama has a wealth of experience in Jewish education, Israel education, and running programs in Israel for North American teens. She most recently served as the Director of Community Engagement at Mechon Hadar in Israel. Na ‘ama held the position of Director of Israel Operations at Golda Och Academy, heading the school’s semester-long senior program in Israel. Na’ama also served as a Program Manager at The Israel Experience. She received her ordination from Rabbi Daniel Landes in Jerusalem in 2016 and has studied at various educational institutions on her path to becoming a Rabbi. She enjoys leading communities in tefila and has served on the leadership team at Washington Square Minyan in Boston, and most recently at Kehillat Sod Siach in Jerusalem. Na’ama was on mishlachat at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin in 2002 and was Rosh Tefila at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires in the summer of 2016. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband Ari and their four children.

jonathan madoff

Jonathan Madoff

Director and Head of School, Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim

Jonathan holds an MSW and is a graduate of Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research. He has an extensive background in social work and education both in North America and in Israel. Jonathan served as the Academic Advisor at the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and most recently served for the past four years as the Academic Director of General Studies on TRY.

Jonathan has been part of the Ramah family for the past 22 years. He began his journey at Ramah Poconos as a camper and staff member and spent seven summers as a yoetz/guidance counselor for Ramah Israel Seminar. Jonathan is married and lives with his wife Roni and baby Yuval in Jerusalem.


Avi Mizrachi

Dorm Manager and Liaison with Goldstein Youth Village
adin rodman

Adin Rodman

RII Trip Coordinator

Adin was born in the United States and made aliyah with his family at the age of three. He grew up in Jerusalem in a Masorti (Conservative) home, and spent many summers at Camp Ramah in New England. Following his discharge from the IDF, Adin worked in various positions at Ramah Israel. He has a BA in Archaeology from Hebrew University.

limor shimon

Limor Shimon

Logistics Coordinator

Limor was born and raised on a Kibbutz and currently lives in Jerusalem. She has been the “Ramah Israel” Logistics Coordinator and Office Manager for all departments since 2007. Formerly she worked as a travel agent and a teacher in a special needs school. She holds a Masters degree in Jewish Education from the Hebrew University and a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from David Yellin College.

Michal Sholomon

Rosh Hativa of Ramah Israel Seminar

Michal started her journey with Ramah as a shlicha in Ramah New England during the summers of 2012-2013. After graduating from Ariel university she started working for Ramah Israel, first as a Rosh Kvutza for seminar and then in different positions in our different programs. She lives in Bnei Brak where she had grown up.

betsalel steinhart

Betsalel Steinhart

Director, Ramah Israel Institute

Betsalel was born in London, England, and made Aliyah as a teen with his family. After his army service, he earned a B.A. in Psychology and Jewish Philosophy from Bar Ilan University, and is currently finishing his M.A. in Jewish History and Jewish Education at the Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. A licensed Israeli Tour Guide, Betsalel guides groups from all over the world, and over the years taught at a number of Israeli institutions involved in educating Diaspora Jews.  He joined Ramah in 2000 as an educator, and from 2007 was head of Education for Ramah Israel Seminar alongside his teaching the Israel Core Course (ICC) for TRY.  For a number of years he served as Director of Education for Ramah Israel and Director of Israel Studies on TRY, before becoming Director of Ramah Israel Institute (RII). He is blessed to live in Jerusalem with his wife and five sons.


Miriam Tekuzener

Director of Israel Studies

Miriam has been a tour educator for over 10 years and has extensive experience guiding families, and 8th, 10th and 12th grade groups, including Birthright, March of the Living and the Alexander Muss High School in Israel. Miriam has a BA in Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology, in addition to a BA in Informal Experiential Education, both from Bar Ilan University. She received her tour guiding certificate from the Ministry of Education and Haifa University. She is approaching the completion of her MA in Jewish Education at Hebrew University. Finally, Miriam participated in an experiential Jewish educators course at Yeshiva University (M²) in New York.

Miriam was born in the USA but moved to Jerusalem when she was just a few weeks old. She lives in Jerusalem and is what we call a full ‘Yerushalmit’, from the Friday afternoon hummus and kubbeh soup, to never missing a Hapoel Yerushalayim basketball game. She can’t wait to begin TRY!

Yael Photo Round

Yael Yamin

Administrative Director

Yael was born and raised in Israel. She brings with her a wealth of experience in the field of educational tourism, logistics and finances. Yael has worked with major Jewish organizations including schools, synagogues and federations in a number of key managerial positions. Yael was a founding partner in the establishment of Israel’s first secular-religious summer camp, Tzav Pius. Yael is now a proud Jerusalemite, but does miss living by the sea!

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Orna Yeshayahu