About Ramah


Ramah Seminar in Jerusalem 2011

Ramah is the camping arm of Conservative Judaism. With ten overnight camps, five day camps and Ramah programs in Israel, Ramah impacts more than 11,000 campers and staff every summer.

A summer at Ramah is spent immersed in Jewish living – highlighted by dynamic and innovative programming. Traditional camp and outdoor activities, including swimming, sports, dance and art, are enhanced by Ramah’s dedication to excellence in informal Jewish education. Combining a love for camping with meaningful Jewish experiences, Ramah instills in its campers and staff a love of Judaism, the Jewish people, Israel and the outdoors.

The Ramah Camping Movement is guided by seven core values: self-esteem of every individual; character development; Jewish learning; Jewish identity and community; Jewish observance; Zionism; and Hebrew.


Ramah Try
Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim (TRY)-Jerusalem High School

TRY is an international high school program offering students in grades 10-12 a semester, trimester or academic quarter of general studies equivalent to those in their home communities, an intensive curriculum of Hebrew, as well as Jewish and Israel studies such as is possible only in Jerusalem and Israel.  Students travel throughout the country and spend time in such settings as kibbutz and Gadna.  TRY offers a unique opportunity through which the Israel experience becomes an integral part of the student’s personal development.  Graduates return to their home schools with a deepened understanding of their Jewishness and a more mature sense of self.

TRY is based at the Israel Goldstein Youth Village in Jerusalem; it is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges. Our high school department is also available for planning tailor-made academic programs for Jewish high schools.

Ramah Israel Seminar
Ramah Israel Seminar (and Poland Seminar)

The Ramah Israel Seminar is six unforgettable weeks of an exciting and fun-filled in-depth program, complete with hikes, archaeology, desert treks, simulation games and an incredible variety of hands-on experiences!  The program focuses on contemporary Israel in the context of Jewish history, the Jewish tradition and the Middle East.  A pre-Seminar option is to spend 8 days in Poland, emphasizing the vitality of Jewish life prior to the Holocaust.

Ramah RII
Ramah Israel Institute (RII)

The staff of RII custom-designs Israel programs for synagogues (adult or family trips) and schools (8th grade in day school classes, supplementary Hebrew high schools) in close cooperation with local rabbis and educators.  Participants have all the fun and excitement of any Israel trip, while engaging in hands-on exploration of Jewish values and a variety of themes.  The group’s guide is also an educator, actively involving the participants in a process of discovery.  Every itinerary is a unique blend of touring and learning experiences – with pace, style of presentation, and level of accommodation meeting the group’s specific needs.

Ramah Jerusalem Camps

Jerusalem Camps

Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp has taken place in the Israel Goldstein Youth Village for over forty years and maintains a tradition of quality and uncompromising professionalism. The day camp offers a wonderful summer experience for both Hebrew and English-speaking children entering grades K-6. This is due to a number of unique qualities, among them: small groups, experienced counselors, professionally trained group coordinators and a rich and varied program all within the secure boundaries of our enchanting campus in Jerusalem.